Reverse Your Pre-Diabetes By Losing Weight

taught by Teresa Trower

Course description

Does Diabetes run in your family?

Have you been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes?

Would you like to lose 5-7% of your body weight?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this course will help you lose weight and balance your blood sugar.

Teresa Trower, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor trained in Diabetes Prevention, lost 20 pounds using these methods and she wants to share them with you. Diabetes is now at the epidemic stage but you’ll learn how to prevent it, even if you’ve already been diagnosed with Pre-Diabetes.

You'll discover the risk factors for Diabetes and which blood tests to request. You’ll discover which stage of Pre-Diabetes you may be in, and how to to move your blood sugar back into the healthy zone!

In this course, you’ll discover how to create balanced meals, how to use the Glycemic Index when making food choices, and which foods to eat organic. You'll learn how much exercise is required to lose weight, as well as the best type of exercise to raise your metabolism. You’ll learn why stress is so damaging to the body, and how to reduce stress.

If you don’t have blood sugar issues and your goal is simply to lose 5-7% of your body weight, then this course will show you how to lose the weight and keep it off. This is a lifestyle tweak, not a fast turnaround diet that actually tricks your body into holding onto the fat.

The program includes educational videos providing the basic information to lose the weight. These are easy to comprehend and less than 5 minutes in length.

You can do this course at your own pace. However, completing at least one or two videos a week along with the follow up assignment will boost your success with the program

By completing the assignments, which are in included as pdf’s, you’ll reinforce the action steps leading to weight loss and blood sugar balance.

Hint: Inviting a family member or friend to take the course along with you is more motivating than doing it alone. You're more likely to stay the course because you can motivate each other.

By following the steps in this course, you can lose weight in a way that fits into your unique lifestyle and goals while you improve your health…a win-win!

Teresa Trower
Teresa Trower

Course Curriculum

Lesson 1
Your Risk Factors For Diabetes FREE PREVIEW
Worksheet: My Risk Factors FREE PREVIEW
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Tips From Teresa
What is Your Weight Loss Goal? FREE PREVIEW
Worksheet: What's My Goal ? FREE PREVIEW
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Lesson 2
Know Your Numbers
Worksheet: My Blood Test Results
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Tips From Teresa
Obstacles To Weight Loss
Worksheet: What Are My Personal Obstacles To Losing Weight?
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Lesson 3
How To Create A Quick & Easy Balanced Meal
Worksheet: My Meal Organizer
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Tips From Teresa
Small Changes...The Baby Steps To Success
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Lesson 4
Fats, Labels, and Organic Foods
Worksheet: How Many Fats Am I Eating Anyway?
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The Power of The Breath to Reduce Stress
Relax and Listen
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Lesson 5
Simple Ways To Count Calories
Worksheet Template: My Food Diary
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Lesson 6
How To Increase Your Metabolism
Worksheet: Raising My Metabolism With Exercise
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Lesson 7
What's the Glycemic Index?
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Lesson 8
What Stage Are You In?
Worksheet: I'm In Stage _______.
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Tips From Teresa
Patience Pays Off!
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Lesson 9
Conquering Your Cravings
Worksheet: Which Foods Do I Crave?
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Lesson 10
More About Those Pesky Cravings...
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Lesson 11
Let's Talk About Sugar!
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Lesson 12
Foods To Avoid
Worksheet: My New Decisions About Food
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Lesson 13
Why Fiber Is My Friend
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Lesson 14
How Exercise Affects My Blood Sugar and Your Weight
Woo-Hoo! Teresa Went To The Gym!
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Lesson 15
How Sleep Affects My Appetite
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Lesson 16
How To Balance My Blood Sugar By Reducing Stress
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Lesson 17
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