Kick Your Anger To The Curb

Practical Solutions for Peaceful Living | taught by Teresa Trower

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Anger Management

What You Need To Know

In this course, you’ll:

  • Learn why anger is not a “bad” emotion
  • Learn a powerful, but positive, way to express your anger
  • Discover the words to avoid in conversations
  • Discover the cognitive distortions underneath your anger
  • Learn how to improve your personal and work relationships
  • Learn how to turn off your fight or flight response
  • Create your own Anger Buster strategy

Why take a course on Anger Management?

Actually, anger is universal and affects every living person. It comes in many forms, from frustration or mild irritation to outright rage. On any given day, you might experience at least one of these forms of anger.

By taking this course, you’ll have a better understanding of yourself and others, as well as the tools to control your anger instead of letting your anger control you.

My one- hour course includes 8 steps, or videos. Each step includes downloadable resource materials (PDF homework assignments). Completing the assignments gives you insight into your behaviors and feelings as well as an opportunity to try out new behaviors. Doing the homework is an important part of this course if you’re looking for change!

The truth is, anger is a normal emotion. Without this emotion, you’d most likely find yourself in situations where you’re taken advantage of, or doing things that aren’t in your best interest. So, anger is actually a protective mechanism…a signal to pay attention because something feels wrong or threatening.

This course gives anger its due, but also points out the downside of anger. As you probably know, it’s not the emotion that’s problematic, but what you do when you’re angry. The ways you express anger can either resolve the problem or make the problem worse. You can end up getting what you want, or blowing the entire deal, friendship, relationship, or career. That’s why it’s important to understand anger, and how to best express it in a way that doesn’t destroy relationships or derail careers.

As a Licensed Therapist, I’ve helped many people deal with anger. Mastering your anger is a skill that pays off big-time in both your personal happiness and your relationships. Come join me!

Teresa Trower
Teresa Trower

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Anger Management FREE PREVIEW
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Step 1
What Are Your Triggers?
Homework: My Triggers
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Step 2
Typical Responses To Angry Feelings
Homework: How I Handle Anger
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Step 3
Cognitive Distortions...How To Change Negative Thoughts
Homework: Cognitive Distortions
Homework: Thought Substitutions
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Step 4
Avoiding Mistakes In Communicating
Homework: Positive Communication
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Step 5
How To Turn Off the Fight or Flight Response and Derail Your Anger
Homework: Foods That Can Trigger Anger and Anxiety
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Step 6
How Your Words Affect Your Body
Homework: The Power of Words
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Step 7
The Power of Your Social Skills
Homework: The Self-Control Rap
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Step 8
Using Your Unique Temperament
Homework: Your Temperament
Create Your Personal Anger Busting Plan
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